BrehmStone Photography is a family business. John has always loved photography and started getting into it to capture the special moments for our family. As he developed his skills, people started asking him to shoot their weddings and events, out of those requests a business was born. As the business started to grow, the rest of our family got interested in photography and got involved.

John loves to photograph High School and College Sports, Weddings, and portraits with beautiful smiles. He understands how valuable photographs are, they are a precious keepsake of special moments in our lives that we can keep forever.

Lisa started out by helping John on a couple of shoots with posing and lighting. She quickly realized she wanted to be behind the camera too and started shooting events and weddings with John.

Mathias is our lighting assistant. He often accompanies us on shoots to help with carrying the gear, setup, and lighting.

Lena has always been our artsy child. She has an eye for creativity and the beauty in our world. She is growing into portraits and has been shooting sports events with her Dad.

Alexis is our sports oriented child. She is a natural athlete, but she wanted to capture the excitement of sports events too. Once we got her to shift her focus to the athlete and not the ball, when she is behind a camera, Alexis started producing some amazing sports photos.

Things you should know about us:

  • We’re Inclusive – love who you love, be who you are, live life to the fullest.
  • We love to capture special and happy moments.
  • We love to capture sports events and have partnered with ESPN Ithaca to provide photos to them and offer them to parents and students.

We are part-time photographers. We shoot after 5pm weekdays and book appointments throughout the day on weekends.

Please take a moment to check out our portfolio and contact us for more information.