Goodbye 2020

We weren’t sad to see 2020 go. Thankfully our fledgling photography business doesn’t have a lot of debt associated with it, so we didn’t really struggle as bad as some of our photographer friends who had money tied up in new equipment for their upcoming sports and wedding seasons that never happened. With us and all of our photographer friends, it wasn’t the missed revenue that hit us the hardest, it was the lack of social interaction, the sorrw we felt for the High School Seniors who didn’t get to finish their Winter and Spring Sports seasons, the sadness we felt for the people who had planned their weddings, family reunions, milestone anniversary parties. All of these things bring us back to how important our craft is. How important it is to document these moments in people’s live so they can go back and look at it. That was made increasingly clear to my family, as we lost Lisa’s mom in June to COVID. We had our wedding a short 9 months prior and invested in one of our trusted photographer friends to capture our day for us. The moments he captured are the last images we have of Marie not in a hospital or long term care facility. She was happy, smiling, crying happy tears, and hugging friends and family who joined us on our special day. We have those captured, frozen moments in time, that we will cherish forever and look back on fondly. We look forward to 2021, and hope that it will bring new opportunities for us to provide those same services to our clients so that they can have those precious moments captured to look back on over the years. Already, John was able to shoot the Groton Bowling Team practicing for their upcoming season which at the time of this writing is a go. We are hopeful more sports will be allowed to play and that weddings and events will move forward this year.

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